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“Conviction rather than convention” is the guiding principle of STATEMENT. Behind the Maison, there is a team of wome with, for each of them, a unique journey but a common ambition: create a high know-how jewellery with a meaningful aesthetic.


Please, introduce yourself : 

I'm Prune Lombardo, 40 years old, married with three children. After studying fashion marketing, I travelled a lot. When I came back to Paris, I had a lot of experience in different fields, before finally specialising in digital over the last ten years. I was able to develop this profession first in the decoration sector and now in the jewellery sector.


What is your role at STATEMENT?

As Digital Manager, my role is to support the brand in its digital strategy and to manage the e-commerce website so that it is consistent with the image, news and values of the Maison. The jewellery sector is still in its early days when it comes to digital, but it's a great challenge with strong growth potential. STATEMENT has launched a number of interesting projects, most recently the Second Way initiative.


Can you tell us more about the Second Way project?

STATEMENT wanted to offer a new approach to jewellery. With Second Way, we are offering our customers the chance to buy a piece that has a past, a history, that has been used before and is ready to live a second life. This is a long-term project. We're already thinking about the next step, inviting our customers to take part in this initiative too, by giving us old pieces that are ready to be replaced.


What STATEMENT jewellery do you wear?

My first piece of jewellery is a combination of two rings. The 3-row diamond-paved Stairway ring and the 1-row Stairway ring. I love the volume of the rings on my hand, they give me strength and protection, two values that define STATEMENT creations.


What is your main belief in life? The one that guides you the most.

Doing things with desire and having ideas, projects and turn them into reality! 

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