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Statement embodies jewellery as armor


Our flagship welcomes you
at 1, rue du 29 juillet, Paris 1st
from Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm


“Armour, not adornment” is STATEMENT’s creed, which resonates with the radical aesthetic of this space. The STATEMENT flagship store provides a monolithic experience, designed as a precious bastion. Immersed in this showcase of a new kind, futuristic and technologic elements combine to create an envelope at once uchronic and familiar.

Meet Alyh

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The digital heroine ALYH evolves through a vertical screen, like an infinite portal.
She invites us to join her and interact with her in an adventure triggered by her jewellery.
Digital alter ego and anti-archetype, ALYH embodies all women, symbolizing their ability to reveal their inner strength — their heroic dimension to accept and take advantage of their endless potential.

Discover episode 1

At 1, rue du 29 juillet, luxury embraces radicality, in the image of the STATEMENT woman: an identity turned towards the future and that combines strength with the extraordinary.

For STATEMENT, jewellery is an extension of the self — more than adornment, it is a sign of freedom, power and of self-affirmation. This first address expresses STATEMENT’s values and point of view, echoing the aesthetic geometries of its creations.

STATEMENT nurtures uniqueness: each piece is handmade and characterized by the asperities that make it an unique piece.


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1, rue du 29 Juillet
75001 Paris

Tél. : +33 (1) 45 61 01 67
From Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm