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STATEMENT was born from the conviction of its founder in an against the flow jewellery. Her creativity and sensibility made her prefer the sterling silver, this precious metal linked to the Moon and therefore, to the femininity.

The creations are inspired by Art Deco sophistication and the intensity of brutalist architecture, crafted in a workshop with a unique know-how, producing a sculptural paving of rhodium-plated sterling silver. By plating the pieces with rhodium and paving them with natural diamonds, she wanted to implement the silver fine jewellery as the signature of STATEMENT, but not only.

As duality resides in all things, she has chosen to also make creations in 18K pink gold, embodying the solar aspect within her collections, in opposition to the lunar figure and its influences.

Each STATEMENT creation is full of meaning and values. It conceals a longstanding craftsmanship and all the symbolism of silver: a chiaroscuro full of femininity and mystery.

The Founder: Amélie Huynh

Passionate about jewellery since her childhood, Amélie Huynh joined a prestigious jewellery House of the Place Vendôme as soon as she finished her studies in order to gain a better understanding of the design and crafting of jewellery.

In 2018, the designer decided to create a jewellery line inspired by her artistic influences, such as the Art Deco and the Brutalist architecture, and which is made up of light and shadow.

Through STATEMENT, her purpose was to create a jewellery that is different from the others, by proposing jewels of convictions rather than conventions, representing freedom as well as the expression of inner strength.



STATEMENT is one of the first jewellery brands to set sterling silver with natural diamonds. By asserting this choice, the brand has established itself as a trailblazer in this matter.

Sterling silver is the STATEMENT’S fundamental material. Demanding to work with, it is linked to the Moon, a symbol of life and feminity. Today, the main silver mines are located in South America and China. All the silver STATEMENT pieces are rhodium plated. It means that they are plated with a thin layer of rhodium, which is the more expensive metal in the world. This method enhances the brightness of silver and preserve it from darkening, while leaving its propensity to patina.

STATEMENT has chosen to create some pieces in 18k pink gold. Because if silver is connected to the Moon and femininity, it is in harmony with pink gold, which is linked to the Sun and masculinity. A duel in chiaroscuro, where once again opposites attract, creating a balance necessary for life.


The STATEMENT aesthetic comes first of all from the Art Déco style and from the Decopunk, which integrates the codes of the first to rethink them, to modernize them. More contrasted, it maintains the elegance and the chromed aspect of this artistic current, while projecting it in the XXIst century.

The design of the creations is also inspired by the intensity of the brutalist architecture. This movement was able to find a form of visual poetry in the cold grey of concrete. Remarkable, imposing, symmetrical, this architecture offers a fragment of eternity, an integrity without frills.

Finally, STATEMENT evolves in a creative universe stemming from Solarpunk, a movement that encourages an optimistic vision of the future in light of current environmental concerns.


The designer articulates the essence of her commitment around 3 pillars: respect for the jewellery craft, social responsibility and ethical sourcing.

The workshops and the silver supplier with which STATEMENT works are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, and the diamond dealer is a signatory of the Kimberley Process, an international diamond certification protocol that guarantees diamonds come from conflict-free zones.

Beyond its recognizable aesthetic, STATEMENT claims its creations as «meaningful beauties», behind which lies a strong symbolism of the woman and her inner journey

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