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The choice of silver

Demanding to work with, easy to wear: silver is STATEMENT’S fundamental element.

Mythical metal

In mythology and astrology alike, silver is a feminine principle, connected to the Moon. Unlike the immortal Sun, the appearance of the Moon varies according to its cycle. Mirror of the Moon, silver reflects the chiaroscuro nature of a shapeshifting woman.

Silver is also one of Minerva’s most powerful attributes in Ancient Rome mythology. Goddess of war, wisdom, elevated thoughts and the arts, she urges us to surpass. In France, Minerva’s profile serves as a hallmark for silver 925.

Living matter

The flexibility of silver stands out compared to hard metals such as gold 18 carats. More difficult to work with, silver demands real jeweller craftsmanship. Pleasant to the touch, silver lives in symbiosis with skin. It may get darker as it acquires patina and releases a rare energy.

Made with rhodium plated sterling silver, STATEMENT pieces evolve over time: the plating makes the brightness of silver longer-lasting, but it eventually dims due to skin contact. Our jewellery sublimates the signs of ageing; it magnifies the tension between the tenderness of patinated silver and the toughness of everlasting diamond.

Natural Diamonds

STATEMENT is a paradoxical brand, which explores tensions. This monochrome alliance of silver and diamond provides sobriety and elegance to our jewellery.

STATEMENT makes the choice of working with natural diamonds. Born out of extreme conditions, some 150 kilometers into the bowels of the Earth, the youngest of natural diamonds are at least 900 million years old: this geological miracle makes them the rarest of gems. Thanks to their color, their purity, their inclusions, diamonds have developed a unique personality.


Our jewellery draws inspiration from brutalist architecture, this movement found visual poetry in the grey coldness of concrete. Striking and imposing, symetrical and impersonal, this architecture offers a moment of eternity, a form of stripped down integrity. At times, some “accident” occurs in the concrete, scarring the matter and rekindling the humaneness of the building.

This movement influenced the geometrical, monochrome, handmade quality of STATEMENT jewellery. Each piece is unique and carries traces of those who made it, each accident is an emotion, a birthmark. Just like “béton brut”, silver bears the signs of time.


The graphics of STATEMENT jewellery owe much to Decopunk. This movement has turned the staples of Art Déco into something else entirely, something subversive, tainted and messy. More contrasted, it retains the chrome-plated glamour of Art Deco and propels it into the 21st century.

Decopunk implicitly runs through futuristic universes, as well as science-fiction mangas whose female leads are cyborgs with steel armors to protect their delicate flaws. This movement invites every woman to draw on the heritage of the previous century and chart her own path forward, firmly anchored in her time.

“STATEMENT embodies jewellery as armor. I’ve always been defiant of jewellery as an enslaving ornament, inherently shallow. I needed to create pieces that make a statement, as part and parcel of the identity of the woman wearing it. Freed from other people’s opinions, STATEMENT jewellery stands for women and their personalities caught between darkness and light”.