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The 5 ultimate jewellery pieces
according to Amélie Huynh


Her most precious pieces, the ones she never leaves, the 5 jewellery pieces that all women should wear", Amélie Huynh answered the jewelry designers interview for Vogue Paris.

What is your first memory related to jewellery? 

A silver ring in the shape of a rose with all its thorns, which covered my whole finger and that was bought at a flea market with my savings. I used to never take it off; it was a part of me.

What is your most precious piece?

My pendulum. I love the feeling of its weight on my neck, its aesthetic both full and precious, but also the idea that it can act as a guide.

What about the one you never take off?

A medal with symbols referencing my life journey.

What is the one piece from your collection that you enjoy offering to friends?

A bracelet! I think it's a piece of jewellery that elevates your look efficiently, that most of us tend to forget about since rings and earrings are more visible. I love stacking up bracelets, all of them having different backstory, I wear them as reminders or even talismans. And this is how I like to gift them.

Can you give three words to describe your style?

Recognizable and rather minimalist (I essentially dress in black and white), chic but casual.

What is your metal of predilection?

Silver! I find it thrilling to work with silver the same way others do with gold, I love its energy and its shine, and its simple aspect. Silver is more precious to me than gold, it has always been a conviction of mine. I never felt this strong energy towards gold, whereas silver makes me feel connected to the moon, and I love its light-shade duality. 

By "Silver", I mean rhodium-plated silver, the current most expensive metal in the world, which is the raw material we work with at STATEMENT. This reinforces the light and shiny parts of the silver, prevents it from darkening with time, while leaving it its propensity to patina. Sterling silver is certainly more complex to set and work with, especially on handmade pieces such as ours, but it is all about the challenge. I like the modernity of silver and its ability to underline the wearer's personality.

Which stone suits you best?

Natural white diamond, for sure. I think it is all about their energy and their timelessness that you can never get tired of. It suits all styles, is extremely solid and you can cut it in a hundred different ways to get creative.  

Do you have a thing for vintage jewellery?

I do wear family jewellery that was passed on to me, but I don't wear vintage jewellery. I cannot wear pieces who belonged to people I never met, which is only a personal conviction of course. However, it does not prevent me from valuing this circular economy.

Do you wear a watch on a daily basis? If so, which one?

I actually don't wear one anymore, but I admire watchmaking and beautiful watches.

What are the 5 pieces a woman should always have in her jewellery box?

  • A pinky ring is absolutely chic, especially when it is made in silver, disposed of its historical connotation.
  • An index finger ring, it gives an undeniable style and assurance. The index is the finger of power and determination.
  • A family jewellery piece to remember where you come from and be close to your roots at all time.
  • A pendulum for its ability to let our intuition speak.
  • A single earring, preferably a sharp one.

What is the ultimate piece of jewellery you would like to get your hands on?

An Art Deco style cuff in silver, entirely paved with diamonds and studded with shungite, an absolute dream! I like voluminous and geometric jewellery that are still light weight, made possible by the lower density of silver compared to gold.

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