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STATEMENT cultivates its uniqueness in the choice of materials, as well as the expression of a strong and symbolic aesthetic. It is this singularity that our clients, like Anne-Caroline and Sophie-Charlotte, seek. They are so close to each other that they form an almost twin relationship. Both mothers, they share many passions, including jewellery. And in this area, each piece is carefully chosen together, to be shared according to their desires.
How did you know the brand?
Anne-Caroline: “ I discovered STATEMENT jewellery thanks to my little sister, Sophie-Charlotte. Like her, I became a fan!
Sophie-Charlotte: I discovered STATEMENT through the magazine Madame Figaro. I saw a picture of the My Way ring and I fell immediately in love! Then I researched the brand and found out that it was created by Amélie Huynh, with whom I had worked a few years earlier in a jewellery house of the Place Vendôme.
What creations of STATEMENT jewelry do you wear?
Sophie-Charlotte: I wear the My Way ring, entirely set with diamonds, on the index finger. It was my very first STATEMENT purchase. Then I chose the Pinky Rockaway ring in diamonds and silver, which I wear on my pinky finger, and I also had a crush on the Rockaway silver earcuff, which I wear in combination with other pieces. My last purchase was the Rockaway Spinner Diamonds & Silver ring, which I wear on my other pinky and play with its central and rotary ring all the time! I like to have fun with my jewellery, just like with my clothes, depending on my mood and the outfits I wear, I accumulate pieces STATEMENT or wear them alone!
Anne-Caroline : On a daily basis, I wear the My Way Diamonds & Silver and the Moonlight rings, for their elegant and timeless side, as well as the Anyway mini hoop and the Anyway triangle earring. I often add the Pinky Rockaway 5 picots diamonds & silver ring and the Rockaway picots diamonds & silver earcuff to boost my rock side!  For special occasions, I wear the extra-large Stairway diamond & silver earring or the Stairway diamond & silver cone earrings.

What was the reason for choosing silver?

Anne-Caroline: Before STATEMENT, I used to wear mostly white gold jewellery pieces, because I thought that its color matches with diamonds, more than yellow gold. So wearing silver suits me very well too, exactly for the same reasons!


Sophie-Charlotte: At first, I was seduced by the design and graphics of STATEMENT jewellery. Then I discovered that most of them were made of silver. I liked the symbolism associated with this precious metal and the idea that my pieces would evolve with me over time.

When you wear these pieces how do you feel?
Sophie-Charlotte: There is something magical about STATEMENT jewellery! The design is incredible and they exude a lot of strength and character. They have all been favorites and give me a sense of invincibility. When I wear them, nothing is impossible and anything can happen, because they also consistently elicit very strong reactions from people I meet! I am very attached to my jewellery pieces because they remind me of my sister with whom I do a lot of shopping and share all my favorites. We have several creations in common and love each other as well as we love STATEMENT! (laughs)
Anne-Caroline: I love the positive vibes that STATEMENT pieces convey, the strength they give off and the feeling of being U.N.I.Q.U.E (as Beyoncé would say, which I am listening to right now). 
How do they evolve over time?
Anne-Caroline: They acquire a nice patina over time. I never get tired of them!
Sophie-Charlotte: I wear my jewellery regularly but at the same time I take care of it. I store them in their cases and don't do anything with them. I am a rather meticulous person, because I also like the idea of being able to pass them on to my daughter in a few years! Anyway, my jewelry evolves really well. They change, they get a patina and therefore become more matte over time.

What is your favorite creation? Why?

Sophie-Charlotte: I think it's the My Way ring! I love its Art Deco design, its perfect symmetry, its imposing dimensions, its super comfortable wear and the great look it has when I wear it on my index finger. In the fully paved version, it has an incredible shine! I'm a total fan and I feel so confident when I wear it, a real therapy!

Anne-Caroline: Less than two months ago, I would have answered without hesitation the My Way ring, but now I hesitate with the Moonlight ring (recent acquisition) - without being able to decide - for the extremely classy Art Deco side, or rock depending on the state of mind of the day, of the first one, and for the purity and the lunar side of the second one, in phase with the period of life I am going through. I also love the My Way tsavorites & black silver ring (my next purchase probably ...) "

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