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Born from the stars, its sparkle matches yours

Do you know that the words adamant, another word for determination, and diamond come from the same ancient Greek word?

One of the hardest substances on Earth, the first diamonds were found in places where asteroids had hit, gaining their reputation as stones that contained the light of the stars.

Most natural diamonds, though, were formed in the heart of the Earth, between 3.5 and 1 billion years ago. And from the dawn of time, they were given mystical properties. Ancient Romans thought it protected from dangers and evil spirits. In the French middle ages, it was thought to protect from plagues and venom. In Central European legends, they cast out fell beasts and creatures of the night. Buddhists see diamonds as a symbol of spiritual power.

At its heart, a diamond is composed of atoms of carbon arranged in a specific crystal structure. That’s right, carbon... the same thing as in your pencil! What makes it so special is the way these atoms are arranged. The roughs that yield the most beautiful diamonds echo that structure: two pyramids arranged together to form an octahedron, with 8 triangular facets.

In many cultures, the triangle represents the union between past, present, future and spirit, mind, body. And when inverted, it symbolizes water and femininity.

That’s why the diamond became one of our signatures. It’s the perfect metaphor for what STATEMENT women are: Ever stronger. Indomitable. As unbreakable as a diamond.

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