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This week, we interviewed Bénédicte Burguet Journé, Fashion and Beauty Features Director at Vanity Fair France.

Singularly curious and hyperactive is how Bénédicte Burguet Journé would describe herself. Those are two character traits that have dictated her choice of profession. After studying penal law, Bénédicte went into journalism, but staying in her lane was impossible for this whip-sharp mind. “Everything is intertwined, and most of all, everything is interesting to me” she says. “I write about jewellery, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I am never bored and I learn every day.”


The most significant fight you've had in your life? 

The one to become a journalist, no doubt. Journalism had a bad reputation in my family. There were many attempts to discourage me, among my friends and family – for various reasons. “You don’t make it.” “It’s not a profession.” “You won’t make a living with it.” To face this at 20, believe in yourself, get my own ideas across wasn’t easy. But that fight felt vital to me.

I developed great strength of character. Today still, I don’t let people influence me. I don’t back down. I don’t give up.


Are we all a mix of shadows and light?

I am solutions-oriented, which makes me something of a guiding light for my nearest and dearest who need advice. As for my dark side: I am sometimes a pessimist. It might be to protect myself. I live by the words: hope for the best and prepare for the worst.


The moment you reveal your strength most vividly?

Every day, I think. Each day brings its small additional challenge to long to-do lists. To me, strength is not about a temporary fight, or limited to a given situation. It’s expressed in daily acts: put your children first when you’re exhausted, eating well, sorting through emails before shutting down…


Everyone has a statement guiding their path. What's yours? 

Whatever stage of your life: do, move forward, fall, get up, learn, don’t be afraid, never give up. No one will fight as hard for you as yourself. Don’t forget that patience and the fullness of time do more than force or fury.


Mind Upload is the beginning of our heroine’s story which will be revealed in september. If you could augment yourself like ALYH, what abilities would you expand?

Teleportation and telepathy.


Enchantress, witches or simply magical thinking: if you could reshape the future with the wave of a wand, what would you do?

I would just grant my family the ability to living long and in good health, departing this world peacefully. For everything, I leave it to the Fair Order of Things.


Never give up: What would you say to your best friend or child? 

Your beliefs. But accept that they will evolve as your knowledge and experience do. Don’t be radical, leave room for doubt. Accept criticism and grow with challenges.


The best achievement so far?

My pregnancy. I hated it but I did it.

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