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Art and material


The universe is full of grace and mystery. In the 1930s, when astronomers were discovering dark matter, jewellery enamelling was at its peak, especially with the success of the Art Deco.

Enamelling, whose formula is usually kept secret, allows jewellers to include colors to their creations in a different way than with stones, bringing a sober and sculptural refinement.

Beyond this sophistication, it is the craftsmanship required and the finish of the jewel revealing a chiaroscuro structure that particularly seduced us at STATEMENT. We have thus chosen to integrate enamel in our collections, to intensify materials and play with light and shadows.

What is enamel?

Enamel is a highly refined crystal, which results from the combination of different components according to chemical formulas that are kept secret.

This fusion produces a material to which oxides are added to give it a colour. To obtain an intense black enamel like the one we have chosen for our creations, iridium oxide must be used, also known as a hardening agent for precious metals.

The last step of this creation process requires a very high temperature firing: 2552°F for 14 hours.

In France, the profession of metal enameller is registered on the official list of "Métiers d'art", in the field of jewellery, goldsmithing and watchmaking.

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