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Because we believe in the elegance of purposeful design, we create narrative jewellery that celebrates those who write their own stories. Our pieces are an extension of their statements, transcending them to become manifestos. We create the jewellery, you write the story.

Inspired by the purity of Art Deco and the power of Brutalist architecture, STATEMENT cultivates singularity: in 18K gold or 925 silver, each piece is handcrafted, making it unique. Each metal evolves over time in its own way, as do the individuals.

STATEMENT jewellery is an invitation to follow one's own path, embodying the strength of one's convictions and celebrating the value of one's achievements to inspire others.


In 2019, Amélie Huynh created STATEMENT Paris. Passionate about jewellery since childhood, Amélie Huynh first joined a leading jewellery Maison on Place Vendôme, where she spent several years learning how to design and create a piece of jewellery.

STATEMENT wants to celebrate people's words and achievements, by marking out the paths of those she accompanies. STATEMENT jewellery marks time. The time of a victory, of a success, of a suspended moment when the jewel celebrates a statement, to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

"Beyond the pomp and circumstance, the jewel embodies a stage: progression, achievement, ascent, exploration and commitment. That's what I want to convey through my creations."


For STATEMENT, it's all about the purity of the lines, the uniqueness of the volumes and the balance of the shapes. A powerful vision that illuminates the different facets of life. Architecturally inspired by the purity of Art Deco lines and the power of the Brutalist movement, Statement creates distinctive and sophisticated collections.

Crafted in 18K gold or rhodium-plated 925 silver, each piece is characterised by the craftsmanship that makes it unique.

This duality of materials inspires Amélie Huynh to create magnetic creations in which chiaroscuro reveals all the complexity of the STATEMENT woman.


STATEMENT relies on the skills of its jewellers to create strong, unique pieces. All its creations are made by hand, using the traditional lost-wax casting technique. This exceptional craftsmanship guarantees the signature pieces in its Collections. The production of the iconic My Way ring, in diamond-paved silver, takes between 60 and 70 hours. Meticulous craftsmanship mastered to perfection.

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