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STATEMENT is worn like an armor, each jewel becomes an extension of the self. The silver metal, symbol of the Moon - feminine principle, pairs up with natural diamond. Each piece reveals a free woman, always painted in chiaroscuro.

This style combines the graphics of the Decopunk movement, the architectural power of Brutalism and the aesthetics of Retrofuturism.

STATEMENT nurtures singularity: each piece is uniquely handmade and characterized by its asperities. STATEMENT is an impulse to follow your own path. There is no such thing as the woman, but a myriad of women who set their own course, chart their “Way”…


Because each STATEMENT piece writes its own story, our commitment revolves around three values: respect for craftsmanship, social responsibility and ethical sourcing.

The know-how of our craftsmen

STATEMENT jewelry is handcrafted in a workshop with a unique know-how. Each piece matches the silver symbolism with the beauty of natural stones, revealing each one’s strength and singularity.

Mindful work

Half of our employes are women who all have equal pay. Our workshop towards the financial independence of women who provide for their family and want to ensure the well-being and long-term loyalty of its workers.

Bloodless trade

The diamond industry has a shady side that requires buyers to obtain transparency. Both our workshop and our silver supplier are members of the Responsible Jewelry Council, and our diamond dealer has signed the Kimberley Process, an international certification protocol that guarantees the source of diamonds.

Convictions rather than conventions

We don’t need ornaments, but symbols of freedom and expressions of our strength. I imagine each jewel as a reminder that each challenge is an opportunity for victory, each step is a unique moment and within us, all the possibilities already coalesce.
The passion I have always had for jewellery makes me want to take it into a new dimension, to challenge some uses while respecting the inherent codes of luxury.
That is why I decided to contrast the radiance of natural diamonds with the calm, artless strength of my preferred metal: sterling silver. Connected to psyche and the soul, sterling silver is indissociable from the Moon, shining and dual. Real heroines don't strive to be perfect, they just learn to play with their share of light and shade.