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Night in a shining armor

By moonlight, shadows are just a touch darker, bright spots are this much brighter. That’s the chiaroscuro effect, as astronomers observed, artists captured and astronauts discovered.

Throughout history and cultures, the Moon is the symbol of the subconscious. Imagination and the psyche are her domain, where instincts rule, and intuition is the only true compass.

In astrology, our moon sign represents our shadow self, the natural tendencies that we do not openly show others. Like the moon that only ever shows one side to the Earth, we guard our secrets and select how we present to the world.

The divine feminine? Certainly – although moon gods also exist – but the star of our nights is also a symbol of eternity: dying every 28 days but always rising again.

Shining and dual, the moon is indissociable from silver, which shares its icy glow. Sharing its metaphysical principles – reflection, connectivity, and fluidity – they associate with the feminine principle.

Statement’s metal of predilection, it is a reminder that we too are made of shadow and bright, inextinguishable light.

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