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Introducing the colored stones

The pendulum senses the vibrations of our deep energies to help us find our own way. Inspired by this instrument of intuition, the Anyway pendant is a compass that points us into the right direction: the one that we are drawn to by instinct.

The Anyway pendulum was initially made in solid sterling silver and crowned with 52 diamonds. It is now available with four colored semi-precious stones: rock crystal, pink quartz, blue opal and shungite. Four stones with different properties that you can wear as a necklace or on a hoop earring. Let your intuition speak. Follow your inner path.

 As in all things, we too are connected to the vibrations of the world around us... if we are open to listening to it and to ourselves, too.

Symbolizing this perpetual connection, the pendulum has been designed with the exact mathematical proportions to make it functional. Hanging at the end of a 65-centimeters chain, it falls at the same level as the heart, as an intimate reminder of our intuition – that little impulse that propels us forward.

The Anyway Hyaline Quartz pendulum is an absolute neutral, that taps into all chakras. It centers and gives the ability to highlight one’s thoughts. It stabilizes and gives our energy harmony, with an innate ability to boost any stone paired with it.

The Anyway Pink Quartz pendulum is a symbol of healing, of softness and infinite tenderness. Associated to the heart chakra, pink quartz induces acceptation and self-empowerment, giving confidence and reassurance.

The Anyway Blue Opal pendulum is a symbol of zest for life, relaxation, and intuition. Associated to the throat chakra, blue opal encourages liberating the word, shared trust and stimulate intuition and creativity.

The Anyway Shungite pendulum symbolizes protection and vital energy. It’s a stone for connection and being anchored to Life. Its luminous energy removes blockages and pushes away opposing forces. It has the unique capacity to never be negatively charged.

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