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Did you know the 4 Cs of the diamond? Here’s the fifth one

Just like us, each diamond is unique can become just about anything, from an industrial precision cutter to centrepieces on a queen’s crown. A great number of characteristics come into play to determine its destination and value.

The first four are well known in the fine jewellery world. 
Cut determines the sparkle and fire, each facet expertly calculated to direct the light and create that incredible sparkle. 
Clarity indicates if there are any inclusions or blemishes visible in the stone under a 10x magnification. STATEMENT uses diamonds that are VS, which means that while invisible to the naked eye, very small inclusions appear to the trained eye of the gemologist and their loupe. 
Color is difficult to determine, even to the expert eye. The scale goes from D (for the perfectly colourless) to Z (for yellow and brown hues). At G, STATEMENT diamonds are among the best of the near-colourless.
Carat is the easiest one to determine: it’s the weight of the diamond. But be aware that a high-carat diamond with a poor cut might appear smaller than a well-cut one of a smaller weight. 
For STATEMENT, the fifth C is the most important: confidence. Determining where and how the diamonds have been sourced is an essential part of contemporary jewellery. A diamond can be worth millions but human and environmental costs don’t add up, that's a price we refuse to pay.

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