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What if you could build a whole new world?

Imagine a world that thrives with you, around you, beyond you. A world in which you are free to be fully you. It’s within reach.


More than ever, we — as a civilisation, as a species — are coming to realize that we need to embrace our symbiosis with the planet that we live on, and embrace each other, in order to move forward. What will save us? Ourselves, armed with ingenuity, independence, and community. 


While decopunk and brutalism have long provided the visual references of our aesthetic, it’s craftsmanship, sustainability and equity that are the heart of the STATEMENT ethos. If we had a literary genre, it would be solarpunk.


Solarpunk is the fusion of beauty and function, Nature and technology. It’s symbiosis, not exploitation. It’s thoughtful design, where metal and concrete live in harmony with the wild and free. It’s glass, glittering in the warm sunlight against bright blue skies. It’s humanity, looking towards the future, rather than fearing it.


As a brand, we have always looked towards a brighter future for all of us, and those who will come after us. 

What we do is not about escaping the present; it’s about making it better. Augmenting it, if you will.  


To dare, but not at the expense of others. To leap forward, but not alone. To work hard to build a better future, because the only other options are denial and despair — and that’s certainly not the STATEMENT way.  


British artist Jay Springett said it best: “The goal of solarpunk is to cancel the apocalypse.”


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