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Committed to better tomorrows, now and on the long run

The times we’re living have shown generosity to be multi-faceted, a kaleidoscope of small gestures and lasting momentum.

Generosity is one of the key values of STATEMENT. We strive to give as good as we get: it’s a virtuous circle that guides every decision for the brand. Working with artisans, creating products with soul, to ensuring transparency every step of the way — make no mistake, this is a fascinating adventure.

From concept to customer, STATEMENT is an uninterrupted chain of women and men contributing their expertise. Each piece is hand-made, rendered unique by the hands that crafted it.

Making sure that everyone involved gets the care and respect they deserve in the workplace matters to me. The ateliers we work with have, of course, been selected for the quality of their work, but we also looked at their track record in terms of worker compensation and treatment, social employment package, wage equality, and ethical sourcing of materials.

As a company, we have decided to support Toutes à L’Ecole, an NGO that contributes to the education of girls in Cambodia because we believe that the future — our future — is built today and that it will need the heroines up to the challenges to come.

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